Link Sunday 02.11.14

Teaching Math to People Who Think They Hate It by Jessica Lahey from The Atlantic Math is a beautiful land bound by logic and curiosity. Back then, it was something I crushed on so fervently, seconded only by my love for words. Now is a different story, but I never regret ever feeling like that. […]


Link Sunday 12.10.14

Is this a weekly feature? Biweekly? Monthly? It is a question I am not able to answer. Regardless, I will continue to share interesting reads I stumble upon in this space. Hopefully these articles could spark a little bit of excitement into someone else’s day as well. Why Girls Tend to Get Better Grades Than […]


Link Sunday 28.9.14

Another week, another round of links. Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr from The Atlantic To younger generations, we’re always old-fashioned.  Each generation of technology brings forth another worry about mankind’s future, the dread of losing one’s humanity in exchange for intelligent machines. Are we getting more stupid by the time? We have […]