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-Prompt- “Everyone has the date of their death tattooed on their arm at birth, however yours just says “TOMORROW” and has said that all your life.” -Tomorrow (but not today)- It started out as a mild confusion, which eventually morphed into a belligerent mix of pity and fear as you outlived time. Immortality was a […]

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Dusk//Dawn a few hours before the clock stopped winding) Laughter in your eyes, with the words dying in our throat. We sought for the telltale signs, a point of no return (but not really) while I desperately was just clinging for one last shred of hope. As it said, Pandora held one even after everything […]

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Our conversation started out of nowhere, veered anywhere but here, and ended up nowhere, like it had always been. In the silence inbetween, we counted the days to apocalypse, it just seemed fitting that way, and bizarrely fulfilling. We pessimistic bastards, finding the elusive in this grim, dimly-lit space: solace. “I just wish someone would […]