links roundup


Links Roundup: 2/3/2015

A Time Before by Lynne Rees from KYSO Flash A nice haibun to soak in nostalgia. The scent of childhood and innocence, long past, waft in the edge of winter. The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This Dress by Adam Rogers from Wired Ah yes, this tiring debacle again. Wired […]


Links Roundup: 6/2/2014

Missing the ‘Sunday’ from the title? Well, as time has proven, Sunday is no longer a good option for posting. Since I acquire links on random basis, then so this feature will be. The Derelict from Damn Interesting Sufficiently bitter and haunting, tinge of ignorance, this piece makes a worthwhile read. Titanic is the icon […]


Link Sunday 02.11.14

Teaching Math to People Who Think They Hate It by Jessica Lahey from The Atlantic Math is a beautiful land bound by logic and curiosity. Back then, it was something I crushed on so fervently, seconded only by my love for words. Now is a different story, but I never regret ever feeling like that. […]