Everyone likes beautiful things, right? Either it is something we stumble upon in nature or find in the wild wild web. On the opposite, we dread having to face blank page as we open our word processor (or text editor, whichever strikes your fancy). Sometimes our inspiration well runs dry, but that boring white page continues to taunt. Qute tries to make writing less tiresome.

Qute Menu

The UI is beautiful. The menu is playful, reminding you of a game rather than a text editor. Sure, themeable text editor isn’t new. You can even replicate Qute’s look very easily by defining a background in your word processor. We’re drowning in the sea of softwares tackling our dealings with words, each promising to reinvent our workflow. . Do we really need another one?

Qute’s customization is sparse, actually. You can choose from 9 built-in ‘themes’ (which simply changes the background), and one of five font combinations. That being said, it does well in giving you pretty writing environment by default.

Why would you want Qute? At 50+ MBs, it’s not exactly lightweight. It does load quickly, though. Well, aside of the eye candies, Qute touts the ability to work with LaTeX and Markdown. Its split screen view is especially awesome. Another unique feature is its ability to preview each paragraph separately. You can have paragraph 1 in Markdown and paragraph 2 fully typeset LaTeX while working in paragraph 3.

Qute Split Screen View

The most interesting twist is perhaps the ability to make use of a custom markup languange. If you think you have a better markup system for your personal use, feel free to go all out. You can define what means what at the beginning of your file and use them throughout your writings.

Qute exports to plaintext, HTML, LaTeX, and PDF, but the last two requires you to have pandoc installed.

However, as the developer says so themselves, Qute, currently at version 0.4.1, is still an experimental software. I can’t make ‘publish as HTML’ and ‘toggle code panel’ to work. I’m actually concerned that the development has ceased. This version was released in late 2011.

If you’re tired of your text editor, play with Qute a bit. Since there’s no news of the development, I don’t think it can replace what you’re using right now, but it sure is interesting. It’s free and portable, I don’t see anything wrong taking it on a ride in an unproductive day. Hey, maybe you can come up with a thing or two.

Version tested: 0.4.1 in Windows 7 Ultimate