This is only updated up to 2014. I’m still in the process of revamping the site, will add more later.

I aspire to be a translator, giving Indonesian access to great books and introducing Indonesia’s literary beauty to the world. English is my target language, given it is the current lingua franca and the one I know best. I am still learning. Sometimes I can be found translating for open source projects, but for now I am looking forward to translate works in public domains. These classics deserve to be read!

Little Girl.2013.Young Poets Networks (original poem ‘Gadis Kecil’ by Sapardi Djoko Damono in Indonesian)

In addition to my works as Student Journalist at Riau Pos (2010-2013) and school journalist at my high school, listed below are several of my published writings:


Retroverso.2014.Genshiken ITB Story.
[T]races.2014.Genshiken ITB Story.
Lullaby.2014.Genshiken ITB Story.
Ashes.2014.Genshiken ITB Story.
Re:Member.2014.Genshiken ITB Story.
Weather Forecast.2012.Young Poet Networks.
Teruntuk Angin (Yang Tahu Segalanya).2012.Riau Pos.
Asa.2012.Riau Pos.
Haiku.2012.Riau Pos.
Galau.2011.Sinar Pagi.

Short Stories:

Ethereal.2014.Genshiken ITB Story.
Surat-Surat Ibu.2013.Riau Pos.
Arina.2011.Sinar Pagi.
Rana.2011.Riau Pos.
Kabar Berita.2010.Riau Pos.
Ilusi.2010.Riau Pos.

Opini: Refleksi Faktor Kemunduran Riau di OSN X Manado.2011.Riau Pos
Riau Pos Berperan dalam Pembinaan Budaya Tulis.2012.Riau Pos

There are others that I’ve lost track of along the time, and some articles written on behalf of my school. It would flatter me if you’re interested in reading my works, but be warned. I take any attempt of plagiarism seriously. Everyone learn and grow together. Respect others. Do not copy-paste without proper notification. Similarly, if you think I violate this, notify me immediately of the offending contents.

Looking for fanfictions? I’m sorry, but not here. If you think you know my pseudonym, drop me a line, though.

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