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Like every other college student, I live off discounted readymade convenience store food a lot. I live near Indomaret, which has their foods in half-price after 7PM, so I am very much acquaintanced with their brand YummyChoice. The other day, however, I came to find a new addition to their readymade food shelves: ones bearing Washoku Sato label.

For those who don’t know, Washoku Sato is a restaurant chain under a Japanese company Sato Restaurant Systems Group operating in Indonesia in cooperation with Indomaret’s parent company. However, far from microwaved goods, Washoku Sato is a legit family restaurant selling ‘authentic taste’ claim (and quite pricey too!).

While the brand is rightly within their control, slapping a premium restaurant label on soggy ‘tempura’ bento set doesn’t sound like a good idea to bolster the brand image to me. Worse, they are using its name for bento sets containing fried goods (breaded sausage, ebi tempura, etc) that don’t come good microwaved. Even YummyChoice nailed it down better with selections of food that taste well just heated (curry, fried rice, spaghetti…).

Before appearing as readymade boxes, Washoku Sato’s partnership with Indomaret came in the form of small kiosks occupying a corner of certain Indomaret establishments, selling snacks like katsu or karaage. The taste is so-so, but not bad. At least they’re refried on the spot.

In my limited perspective, I don’t understand what they are trying to do. When I come to equate the brand name to some cheap sad foods, I definitely won’t eat at the restaurant by the time I have money to eat better things.

Maybe I really should stop thinking too much when I go out picking dinner.

…but yes, anyone able to explain the rationale, why they are wasting such a good brand name on this, please have your way in the comment section. Enlighten me.

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