I have neglected this lately…kinda. I still have a stack of paperbacks laying around as the result of a very satisfying shopping spree during the holiday, so expect book reviews to come in the near future.

Bad Advice for Novice Skydiver by Kevin Hendzel

Not only interesting in terms of the author’s experience, Kevin’s article is laden of good advices that could apply in fields wider than translation business.

Why You Should Date a Girl Who Reads by Rosemarie Urquico

It’s way too dramatic at places but hilariously spot-on at almost every other sentences. No, a girl who reads is not likely to be perfect. No one ever is, but I find this piece so easy to relate it’s almost an irony. Rosemarie wrote this as a response to another article titled the opposite, but I don’t find the original nearly as compelling.

Why are Upworthy Headlines Suddenly Everywhere? by Robinson Meyer from The Atlantic

The clickbaits! Oh, the clickbaits! Those sickeningly irresistible titles that lures you to click on them with false promises and alluring wordplays… But maybe, if that’s what people want, we can let them have it and teach them one thing or two along the way.

Why are Finland’s Schools Succesful? by LynNel Hancock from The Smithsonian Magazine

Because education is for life, not standardized test scores. Why so few people get it right? Schoolyears are supposed to be years spent to enrich experience, while the vigor of youth is on its peak. Kids and teens should be out there, trying and experimenting, instead of cramming textbooks into their skull.

Humble Origins-The Solo Odyssey Behind ‘Dust, an Elysian Tail’ from Polygon

A man’s first attempt on gamemaking ended up at XBOX’s summer list. The journey is not something out of a fairy tale. Persistence pays off, so does patience.



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