Another week, another round of links.

Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr from The Atlantic

To younger generations, we’re always old-fashioned.  Each generation of technology brings forth another worry about mankind’s future, the dread of losing one’s humanity in exchange for intelligent machines. Are we getting more stupid by the time? We have delegated a lot of tasks to technology, even the simple everyday actions. Are we getting too pampered?

Why Do Americans Stink at Math? by Elizabeth Green from The New York Times

Math is an embodiment of a horror story to many, for reasons not hard to comprehend. Sad enough, since this very subject is the foundation of modern science. Perhaps we ought to look back a little bit and see how we got this so very wrong.

Bringing Twitter to the Classroom by Amanda Wynter from The Atlantic

It is high time for educators to stop avoiding social media and start embracing the world our students now live in. Amanda Wynter tells a story about teachers who adopt Twitter into their classes, and the results.

What Data Can’t Do by David Brooks from The New York Times

We move towards a data-driven world. Isn’t that a logical future we all want to have? An ideal world controlled by pure mathematics…only it’s not. There are a lot of aspects that will never be known to zeroes and ones residing in the world of electrons.