It’s a slow going week because I have my time full with 1Q84 and 1984, so I haven’t been perusing my links collection. Continuing Elizabeth Pisani’s article I linked last month, here are two articles concerning Indonesian education.

Education Degeneration by Terry Collins

More insight to the brokenness of the system, plus a sample question to the much-touted National Examination. If you still find it too much to trust, I can vouch that I’ve found many, many problematic questions in this exam. Like always, teachers can do no wrong. In this case, question makers can do no wrong. We students are just too stupid to understand what they meant.

A nation of dunces? by Elizabeth Pisani

A followup to her earlier post, Miss Pisani tried to analyze what went wrong in this country. Compared to the last, this one is an even better, thorough report with evidences. Many teachers can’t teach because the profession is considered a last-ditch attempt to many. Those who fail the entrance to their dream major, those who want quicker cash with less effort, those who are simply not fit for teaching from the very beginning! This is the instigator of the evil cycle. Reforming Indonesian education calls for reforming the school for wannabe teachers.