Sometime she choked on her answers, and remembering days she appeared eloquent was a task more taxing to memory than it should be. Eventually, she resigned to the world behind the stage, where the remainder of her days became significantly brighter despite the facelessness.

She still got that every now and then, people with nimbler memory and stronger initiative.

“Hey, you! I know you!”
She wished she could bit back a,”But I don’t.” automatically appearing in her mind for each identical exclamation. Perhaps offer a curt nod or two, appeasing the person in question.

A polite, “Yes, miss?” graced her lips instead.
“Sure thing! You appeared on screen, no? Several years ago, I was an avid watcher of the show!”
Like a faulty program, she had to hear as the stranger gave her a rehash of something that had apparently shaped her whole life, nodding to their occassional beam of pride and holding herself from telling their ‘facts’ from network myths.

“You are no longer around? Too bad, I suppose. You have a lovely face.”
“Health reason, ma’am.”
“Overworking, huh?”
The woman laughed out of courtesy, a melodious voice she wished she could grab and crush at once. The woman did not know a thing. Not even a sliver.

The torture ended with pats on the back, and several lines of well-wishers.
She was finally left to herself. She truly wondered when silence would grace itself to her life, giving her a solace she prayed for everyday.

It had been several years since.
She never heard the world answering to her call.

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