a sickly sweet guide to an RPG protagonist
-to a reluctant hero (believe me, halcyon village is never safe)-

Catch a glimpse, in this world reign no king
Light up the sky to find the way
To infinity we fly, where horizon lie
the scattering dreams form a wing

Unwavering eyes locking on the distant land, sun risen
Slay the fear, clutch the courage as one
Wipe the tear, to tomorrow we run
Second comes and goes, time is the absolute prison

High, nigh, but a speck in the space
Limitless fantasy expands without regards to fate
Fight, might, part the doubt in your face
This naive optimist, the voice you secretly hate

A crying, defeated expression sometimes seen
Shard of promises of what had been
That too, will melt into a shadow we call yesterday
No matter what we’re up against, don’t ever sway

If one has to fall under the scythe of time
Let me treasure all this memory of mine
and the world, immortalized in smile and pain
stand still in the silence of unending rain

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