I didn’t remember the record was broken. Like a whirlwind, the sound flooded all at once, leaving me disoriented.
(Maybe, maybe, maybe).
She was there, I heard the whistle.
(Couldn’t breathe. Calm, calm, let it all be myth).
The music stopped.
A thread through my daydreams, one stitch for every hurt.
(Such a fickle afterimage).
Tears and evening rain. Melancholy of a moonless night.
She laughed. I drowned myself in the vibrant starscape.
They sparkled, I blinked.
We vanished, after us the rainclouds gathered.
A warm bun, a warm scarf, a warm day, everything to atone.
A flash of vivacious smile.

I didn’t remember the record was broken.

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Raindrops, moon, words, ink. magic. I'm somewhere between the lines. bit.ly/booksdep