(Found amongst my collection of notes, dated 21/7/2011)
:freeform, a tribute to pandora hearts.

Tracing the movement of the clock
I’m afraid of unraveling the way beyond
Until you come and say you’re not alone

Salvation at the end of the road
would we ever reach it?

The chains that bind us all
connected deep down to the Abyss
Fate sealed in rustic memories
Chasing over your hazy footsteps leading to
the cruelty of truth
I’m lost in comfortable hope and illusion
When I close my eyes, the music box’s nostalgic tune invades
mocking me in de javu
Sorrowful harmony, innocence of rue

Someday the darkness that links us would be severed
When that happens, let’s change it into light
I believe there would be a day we could face it without fear

Tracing the movement of the clock
I hope to meet you again before my time is away

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