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Poetry Friday ~Anamnesis~

Found this weekly roundup when blogwalking about notebooks and office supplies (then by proxy writers and educators’ blogs). Today’s collection is hosted here! It’s so much fun reading everyone else’s poems! I was about to share my newest writings, but they have been reserved for other purpose so I opt for this piece, written back […]

Poems, Writings


Free fall down the earth we’re reaching free When it’s dawn we’re struggling to see Cold spears piercing the ground without hesitation Cold frozen aim of sheer determination Chilly air trickling my spine as I trace droplets trickling on the windowsill Flowers dancing in the wind as I walk around with teapot to fill Clear […]

Poems, Writings

Song of an Aeolist

Splatt-Boom–Blast,fizz I wake up with thunderstorm flaring beneath Once it died down-I dance with flower wreath. Swish, hurr-whishhh So I’ll paint the wind but not with color blue But red and yellow and green and many other hue. Burble,plop,slump I’m sitting by the river skipping stones One, two, toppled over like kangaroos on their thrones. […]