Poems, Writings

Day 3, Act 1

I didn’t remember the record was broken. Like a whirlwind, the sound flooded all at once, leaving me disoriented. (Maybe, maybe, maybe). She was there, I heard the whistle. (Couldn’t breathe. Calm, calm, let it all be myth). The music stopped. A thread through my daydreams, one stitch for every hurt. (Such a fickle afterimage). […]

Poems, Writings

Day 2, Act 1

(Your nightgown melted like sunset in the horizon, and for the split-second moment, I was held captive) Linger, remember. Crystallized f a n t a s y. Washing down everything like raindrops, coming back up in tiny bubbles. Pop, pop, pop. (It smelled like rose). Swift and unyielding, strong and unending (Infinite, infinite, infinite–heart rips, […]