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“I’m here to talk about my code review.” “…I take it you have read the report.” “My code isn’t pretty.” A pause. “It has all my flaws and insecurities. It shines through all the memory leaks. It is quirky, but it is functional, just like me. It’s brimming with personality.” “…That I cannot argue. Suppose […]

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Dusk//Dawn a few hours before the clock stopped winding) Laughter in your eyes, with the words dying in our throat. We sought for the telltale signs, a point of no return (but not really) while I desperately was just clinging for one last shred of hope. As it said, Pandora held one even after everything […]

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Our conversation started out of nowhere, veered anywhere but here, and ended up nowhere, like it had always been. In the silence inbetween, we counted the days to apocalypse, it just seemed fitting that way, and bizarrely fulfilling. We pessimistic bastards, finding the elusive in this grim, dimly-lit space: solace. “I just wish someone would […]