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“I want to say sorry for my behavior.” “C’mon, stop apologizing.” “Sorry.” “And no apology for apologizing. Gah, this is why dealing with you is so tiresome.” “…sorr–” “…Forget it.” “But you, you seem mad, so, I…” “I try not to mind.” “But you still look like you’re not happy.” “Look, I prefer not to […]

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Mercy comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometime be the most torturous form of punishment ever muttered. “But why?” “We all deserve a second chance, don’t we?” And smile must be the cruelest form of revenge. “Will you stop?” “But why?” So they created this little term ‘white lie’ to kill without even lifting […]

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-Prompt- “Everyone has the date of their death tattooed on their arm at birth, however yours just says “TOMORROW” and has said that all your life.” -Tomorrow (but not today)- It started out as a mild confusion, which eventually morphed into a belligerent mix of pity and fear as you outlived time. Immortality was a […]