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Personally, Me

“I’m here to talk about my code review.” “…I take it you have read the report.” “My code isn’t pretty.” A pause. “It has all my flaws and insecurities. It shines through all the memory leaks. It is quirky, but it is functional, just like me. It’s brimming with personality.” “…That I cannot argue. Suppose […]


Growing Up

The most painful moment is when the words on pages are no longer enough to entice you to stay, because your fear from missing out the words in bits and bytes are greater. When you realize that your time cooping up in blissful ignorance has gone, because now you seek acknowledgement from the world you […]


Hello world!

Credits go to Laura Gibbs whose blog convince me to start my own. I’ve actually used Blogger platform before, so I try WordPress for a change. I might start posting exclusively about my Coursera class ‘Fantasy and Science Fiction: Human Minds and Our Modern World’ though I think I’d also post my thoughts on various […]