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A Heart’s Whisper

In the (probably) last book of Riley Bloom series, Alyson Noel ends things with Riley’s gradual understanding of herself and the world around her. The young Soul Catcher goes to her newest mission, convincing a gladiator nicknamed ‘Pillar of Doom’ who is trapped in past glory to cross the bridge to the otherworld. Like her […]

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Coming of age story, metaphysical style! Riley Bloom can’t get over the fact that she died before reaching age thirteen, which in her opinion means she would forever be trapped as a child. Now she can manifest everything she ever want but the one thing she wants the most: becoming a ‘cool’ teen like her […]

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Here and Now

I picked ‘Radiance’ and ‘Shimmer’ on a book-shopping spree a few months ago. I admit what intrigued me were the covers -warm pink and blue- a rarity for fantasy series. Had I known ‘Riley Bloom Series’ was supposed to be spin-off to ‘The Immortals’ series, I might left them on the shelf because I hadn’t […]