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An Enigma Unto Itself

Fermat presents math’s greatest riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Simon Singh presents Andrew Wiles, the man who finally takes the mystery tied in a neat bow to its conclusion, in a story spanning multiple centuries. He presents Fermat’s Enigma. A civil servant by trade and a dilettante mathematician by inclination, the brilliant, […]

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Skin, blood, bone.

Blood, skin, bone a single black tail feather The second Mosse book I read, a novel instead of a short story collection like the one before, “The Taxidermist’s Daughter” is a feast I am fortunate in chancing upon. Perhaps the word ‘feast’ does not quite work as with the lightness of this title, it’s more […]

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Membangun Perusahaan Berbasis Data

Creating a Data-Driven Organization Pengarang: Carl Andersen Penerbit: O‚ÄôReilly Media Tahun: 2015 — Data adalah kata ajaib dekade terakhir. Ilmuwan data (Data Scientist) dan pekerjaan terkait mengungguli pekerjaan-pekerjaan lainnya sebagai pekerjaan paling dicari dan bernilai di banyak survei, termasuk yang diadakan oleh Glassdoor, laman terkenal seputar dunia karir. Tentu saja, sebagai lapangan yang terbilang baru […]