Lisa Santika Onggrid

Raindrops, moon, words, ink. magic. I'm somewhere between the lines.


Musing About Brand Image

Like every other college student, I live off discounted readymade convenience store food a lot. I live near Indomaret, which has their foods in half-price after 7PM, so I am very much acquaintanced with their brand YummyChoice. The other day, however, I came to find a new addition to their readymade food shelves: ones bearing […]



“The sky’s yellow,” said a little kid at the break of dawn, the voice carried from their balcony across mine. “Paint it,” said the mother, patient. I heard clanking sound, presumably the kid hurrying to get the art supplies. The routine repeated throughout the day. “The sky’s blue.” “Paint it.” “The sky’s red.” “Paint it.” […]



Kimberly “Kimmie” Helmond was punctual to a fault she tried not to blame her comrades Shirley Hassa and Eliot Irving (both full names ingrained in brain for her incessant chanting to kill boredom) for not appearing until three hours after the promised time elapsed. Yet, as the desert dust stopped to unveil only Eliot, Kim […]



Sometime she choked on her answers, and remembering days she appeared eloquent was a task more taxing to memory than it should be. Eventually, she resigned to the world behind the stage, where the remainder of her days became significantly brighter despite the facelessness. She still got that every now and then, people with nimbler […]