“I want to say sorry for my behavior.”
“C’mon, stop apologizing.”
“And no apology for apologizing. Gah, this is why dealing with you is so tiresome.”
“…Forget it.”
“But you, you seem mad, so, I…”
“I try not to mind.”
“But you still look like you’re not happy.”
“Look, I prefer not to keep score.”
“But I’m still in the wrong and you don’t like it. And you don’t like me apologizing either. You want to just sweep this under the rug?”
“I’m tired.”
“Don’t you think I am? See, I don’t like this swept under the rug because it would still be there, and you’d keep feeling it when you sit or walk on that rug. I’d rather have it addressed, call me out for my mistake, fine, and be done with it.”
“Sorry. I… Let’s just drop this, shall we?”

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