-A star just moving to Main Sequence, hoping to be a circumpolar-

I grew up between the exciting 90’s and the dawn of widespread internet. Pekanbaru, Riau, is listed as my hometown. Currently studying Astronomy, that underrated little major. I was active in extracurricular activities throughout my schoolyear and in 2010-2012, worked as Student Journalist for Riau Pos.

My involvement in various events and contests gave me a lot of experience, including ways to cope with loss and moving on. Life teaches one little girl to get over her naivete, but not confidence. To see the world is my greatest desire.

I like to read and write about various topics, including softwares and languages. Mirrored World is the home of my stray thoughts about all sorts of things and occasional reviews of books and softwares. I’m always a reader more than a writer, though, so the books I’m reviewing here don’t reflect my actual reading list. Welcome to my world, recreated in words. If you happen to know me elsewhere, I keep my fandom-related works separate so you won’t find any here, sorry.

I have a modest, but hopefully growing, portfolio. I can also be found on LinkedIn.

You find a mistake in my posts? Have something to say? Fire away. I’m constantly learning so don’t be afraid to tell me a piece of your mind.


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